Never know what you’ll see in the Nat’l Monuments

This link is for the Guidebook to the National Monuments of the Southwest.    It’s a comprehensive guide for RVer’s, Campers, Boondockers, Photographers, really for anyone that likes to go off the beaten path and experience nature like most never will.  These National Monuments are rarely(if ever) crowded and gets you up close to history and wildlife.  Much of the time, it’s breathtaking.

You don’t need to own an RV for this guidebook to be useful.  It’s for people that like to enjoy solitude in their travels.

6 days left to make this happen.  It’s a book for YOU, funded by YOU.

Take a minute to gander over the Kickstarter. Pass it along to your friends.  Every bit brings us so much closer to making this a reality and making your travels that much cooler.  Clicking the Donate link will open a new window/tab



More creatures from around the pond

I learned to start bringing my camera with me anywhere I go that’s not in a car.  There’s so many creatures here at Holbrooks!  Every time I walk down to the little swimming area, there’s something.  The little fish love hanging out ear the wall.  Today, as a matter of fact, I saw 3 sun fish swimming under a duck.  They followed him everywhere. I couldn’t photograph the fish because of the glare off the water.

A few days ago there was a snapping turtle laying eggs.  I watched her for a good while.  She could care less that I was there.

There’s always something to photograph

Everyday there’s something new to shoot. Whether it’s the clouds rolling over the lake or the chipmunk mocking me from a tree, always something.

Then there is the cursed heron. That guy kept taunting me. Everywhere I walked, there was the heron taking flight. Finally he landed near enough for me to almost crawl on my belly to photograph him. But don’t be fooled. That heron’s a jerk.