Traveling to White Sands, NM

My blogs been quiet now.  For ages.  It’s become more of a random page for whatever I feel like sharing.
Today, I’m sharing images on the way to White Sands.

I’m wicked picky about my stuff so that’s why there aren’t a lot.


RVer’s Guide to the National Monuments of the Southwest

Having spontaneously moved to Arizona in 2005, I never knew how much I would fall in love with the desert. After meeting Rich, he showed me so much more that the Southwest has to offer.

I’m not talking about the National Parks. Yeah, the Grand Canyon’s pretty, Zion is amazing, Bryce is breathtaking, but there is so much more!

Off to the side on the way to many of these parks are National Monuments. Sunset crater- you drive right by the entrance heading to the South Rim of the Grand Canyon. In Colorado, there’s Mesa Verde with Indian dwellings still standing built into the rocks. Hovenweep, where you can freely walk about the ancient stone homes built on cliffs. You’ve probably never heard of them. But they’re right there in Colorado just a few miles apart and beautiful.

How about the Vermillion Cliffs National Monument? No? Haven’t heard of that either? It’s just a few down the road from Page, AZ(Lake Powell). There’s so many gorgeous rock formations that will blow your mind! The colors, the swirling patterns, the solitude of it all is truly breathtaking.

Rich and I have traveled the Southwest in our Airstream to so many amazing places people don’t even know exist. Thus, we’ve decided to try Kickstarter. With over 100 National Monuments in the U.S. 44 exist right there in the 4 corners region(Utah, Colorado, Arizona, New Mexico). We want to bring those 44 to life and to the masses through photography, video, etc.

Give the video a watch, pass it along to your friends, check out the cool stuff you get for donating, and help us breathe some new life into the glorious National Monuments of the Southwest.

We’ll also be creating a guide book for RVer’s documenting each, covering where to camp (free & paid), what to see, and where your RV can and can’t go.

Click the “K” in the upper lefthand corner.
Remember, we’re not doing this for us. We’re doing this for YOU.

After traveling the country and making new friends everywhere we go, there’s nothing we love more than educating travelers and RVer’s on the destinations most overlook.

Thank you from the bottom of my heart for donating or even just passing our Kickstarter along.


Just the first post…

So this is my first post. I wasn’t sure what to write about until I started uploading image galleries.

I’ve shot several thousand photos since moving to AZ in 2005. I’ve lost all of those photos due to my external crapping out after less than 10 months of owning it.  Since that happened, I have no more photos from my first trip to White Pocket(except on my phone), my countless number of photos from Jerome, Prescott, Flagstaff, Sedona, the Vermillion Cliffs, Hole in the Rock Rd, Page, Lake Powell…..I could go on and on and on.  But I won’t.

Instead I’m going to stress the backing up of your photos onto multiple devices. I made the mistake of just moving them off my (now dead) HP laptop and onto my 1TB external.  Yeah….I should’ve left them on the laptop as well.  Live and learn I guess.

Never have I wanted to just side-arm a drive across the room. Maybe go a little Office Space on it, with a dash of Goodfellas trunk encounter.

Not too exciting for my first post. But it does help to explain why my Photography page is lacking.  Also, that’s why there are no photos in this post.