Smiles for Smiles


With 2015’s San Diego Comic Con International just a few days away, I figure it’s due time for me to post my images from last years SDCC.  I don’t know why it took me so long to finally post these, but here they be.

Let me share just one of my happy moments from 2014 SDCC.

I got tickets to the NerdHQ’s Conversations for a Cause where all money raised goes to Operation smile.  After the panels we had the opportunity to pay an extra $20 for Smiles to Smiles to meet the actors and have a pic taken with them.  All money going to charity still.  Well, after I went to the Nathan Fillion Q&A with special guest Alan Tudyk, I had the chance to participate in the Smiles for Smiles.  By this point in the Con I was broke.  $20 was not in my pocket, so I decided I’d make someone’s day and find someone worthy of the meet & greet.

I was walking by the picture line when I heard a nice girl say quietly, “Does anyone have a ticket they’re not using?” It was her lucky day!  I walked up to her and told her she can have my ticket because I can’t do the photo op.  To which her reply was aEdel @Narvikstar with a shoutut to me(@JodiSox).  She's a cool chick. huge hug followed by many thank you’s and tears.  Probably the best hug I’ve ever gotten.  She was so excited, having missed her chance previously.  Her name was Edel and she’s got a wicked killer bucketlist.  She wanted to pay me for the ticket, but I refused so she told me she was going to donate twice because I just made her trip. Little does she know, she had just made MY trip. There were so many happy tears from Edel, that I kinda got teary too.  I knew I found a worthy person for sure.  Here is Edel meeting and donating double because she’s freaking awesome.  Tell me you can’t feel her excitement through that smile!

So that was my super story from 2014.  Yes, we went to parties saw a bunch of celebrities that don’t know how to dance.  I danced with quite a few celebs myself.  But those are stories for my friends and fam, not so much for the internets; out of respect.