Me in my first Tilley hat. Borrego Springs, boondocking with the Airstream.

Me in my first Tilley hat. Borrego Springs, boondocking with the Airstream.

So this is where I’m supposed to talk about myself….hmmm…..since this is my first ever blog, this is the first time I’ve had to write an “About”.

Born and raised in CT for the first 25 years of my life.  After a spontaneous packing of some clothes, I ended up in Prescott, AZ.  Best move of my life.

Since ending up in Prescott, I had a rare opportunity to reinvent myself.  Change who I am, how I live, and how others perceive me.  So, I guess you could call it my life changing event.

Surrounding myself with supportive people rather than “life-suckers”, my life started going in a direction…up instead of staying level.

A little about my likes and loves….Red Sox.  I’m a diehard Sox fan.  Having grown up in CT, with my Grampa being a huge Sox fan, I really had no choice.  I will always remember Dave Roberts stealing 2nd and Keith Foulke underhanding to 1st.  Like I said….diehard. I could go on forever about why I love these guys.

After living in Prescott for a few years I met Rich.  He introduced me to real photography.  Thus, giving me a new appreciation for the medium.  Rich put the first real SLR in my hands and there was no going back from there.  I love photography!  Now my Canon 7D goes everywhere with me.  My main focus is landscape and I’m obsessed with HDR(high dynamic range).

Currently Rich and I are traveling in our 2004 25′ Airstream Safari trying to get our little business off the ground.  We’re trying to reach out to RV Parks and mobilize their websites.  There are too many people RVing and navigating their way using smartphones and tablets.  So why not have a nice website people can read on their mobile devices?

There ya go.  That’s me and my life in as short of a description as I can come up with.  As we travel and I get better at this blogging thing, I’m sure this “About” with change.  But for now, this is me and I like it. 🙂