Website + Comic Book Illustrator= Wicked Cool

What’s new in the world of Jodi and the Unkempt Blog? Let me tell you.

Websites. That’s new.  Bret Blevins that’s new.

In our little business that we’ve got going on at RLC Design we work with not just RV parks, but anyone that needs a quality site. Right now Rich and I have the pleasure and privilege of working with comic book/painter/fine art/fantasy artist Bret Blevins.

As I write this blog, I’m sitting in Bret’s kitchen while him and Rich update the galleries  of wicked cool art.


Bret’s first commissioned comic was for the Dark Crystal in the early 80’s.  Since then he’s worked with DC, Marvel, Dark Horse and countless others. How about some Batman, X-Men, Scarecrow, Incredible Hulk, Twisted Tales, Bettie Page, Archie, and more and more and more…

Basically I’m a total fan-girl and so I’m in heaven.  What’s better that looking at original covers?  Being able to hold in my hands the Dark Crystal full size painting for cover art….[insert sigh of contentment]  My brain is screaming *squee*.

On top of all his comic and illustration work, Bret is also an amazing painter and creator of fine, fantasy, and whimsical art.  So yeah, check out some of our work of his work. It’s some pretty great stuff and just the tip of the iceberg when it comes to Bret’s insane collection of works.

So my little nerdy friends, take a look at There’s a blog, there’s work for sale, there’s a lot of really cool stuff going on at Bret’s website.  And that site is only going to get better.

It’s been awesome working with him. Getting to see the studio and all the fun materials; from Higgins ink, watercolor, oil paints, varnishes and countless number of paintbrushes, pencils and pens, sketches and books….wicked cool stuff.

there ya go. That’s what’s awesome in our lives right now. Got to build a sweet site for a pretty well known artist while the fan-girl inside me screams and jumps with joy.


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