A Little Common RV Park Courtesy

You know what’s not cool…. This….

This is not cool.

Common courtesy. It that lost on people now.

Who pulls into a park and says to themselves “Yep. Right here in the middle of the only way in or out, seems like a pretty good spot.” What? Why?

Soooo much room behind the little RV that’s parked where it’s supposed to be. Maybe they have the advantage of being able to read, because “Raptor” must be illiterate.

How long did I wait? About 15 minutes because we all know there’s nothing quick about checking into parks using 4×5 notecards as there reservation system.

Little RV finally pulled up, but technically they weren’t blocking the way. I could’ve gone around super cool Raptor by going through the bushes but I’ve gone 5 years without Arizona pinstriping my car and have no desire to start now.

The moral of the story is: don’t be a turd. Don’t be that guy-with-the-new-car-using-two-parking-spots kind of a d-bag. Common courtesy. Though to have that I suppose you have to have common sense, which Raptor seemed to be lacking.


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